Unit 1: Intro. to Biology & Chemistry

Chapter 1: The Scientific Process

Error Analysis ppt.

Observation & Classification Lab - Specimen slides

Observation & Classification Lab - class set

Observation & Classification Lab - student response sheet

Scientific Process ppt.

Scientific Process - A Critique

Chapter 1: Lecture ppt

Chapter 1: Campbell ppt

World's Oldest Fossil Article aug 2016

Chapter 2: Chemical Context of Life

Chapter 2: Lecture ppt

Chapter 2: Campbell ppt

Comparing Molecular Bonds worksheet

Comparing Molecular Bonds ppt

Chapter 3: Water and Life

Chapter 3: Lecture ppt

Chapter 3: Campbell ppt

Properties of Water Lab- Class Set

Properties of Water Lab - Student report

Properties of Water Lab-postlab ppt

Chapter 4: Carbon & Molecular Diversity of Life

Chapter 4: Lecture ppt

Chapter 4: Campbell ppt

How Much Energy in a Peanut? ppt

How Much Energy in a Peanut? - Class Set

How Much Energy in a Peanut? - Student report

Chapter 5: Biological Molecules

Chapter 5: Carbohydrates Lecture ppt

Chapter 5: Lipids Lecture ppt

Chapter 5: Proteins Lecture ppt

Chapter 5: Nucleic Acids Lecture ppt

Chapter 5: Campbell ppt

Four Classes of Organic Molecules Chart

Biological Molecules in Food Lab ppt

Biological Molecules in Food Lab - Class set

Biological Molecules in Food Lab - student response

Biochem. Practice Test