Unit 10: Plants

Chapter 29 and 30: Plant Diversity I and II

Chapter 29 Lecture ppt

Chapter 30 Lecture ppt.

Chapter 29 Campbell ppt.

Chapter 30 Campbell ppt.

Intro. to Land Plant Walk ppt.

Land Plant Walk- A Scavenger Hunt

Chapter 35: Plant Structure

Chapter 35 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 35 Campbell ppt.

Intro. to Leaf Structures and Plant Tissues Lab ppt

Leaf Structures and Plant Tissues Lab

Chapter 36: Transport in Plants

Chapter 36 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 36 Campbell ppt.

Transpiration Lab

Chapter 37: Plant Nutrition

Chapter 37 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 37 Campbell ppt.

Chapter 38: Angiosperm Reproduction

Chapter 38 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 38 Campbell ppt.

Introduction to Flower Dissection ppt.

Flower Dissection Lab-class set

Flower Dissection Lab- student response