Unit 2: The Cell

Chapter 6: A Tour of the Cell

Chapter 6: Cell Organelles Lecture ppt

Chapter 6: Cell Tour 1 Lecture ppt

Chapter 6: Cell Tour 2 Lecture ppt

Chapter 6: Cell Tour 3 Lecture ppt

Chapter 6: Campbell ppt

Cell Part Presentation Criteria

Cell Structure- Labeling diagram

Microscopy: Magnification & Size Lecture ppt

Microscopy: Magnification & Size images ppt

Microscopy: Magnification & Size -student reponse

Virtual Cell Size Activity ppt

Virtual Cell Size Activity- student response

Cell Comparison Chart

The Edible Animal Cell - Pretend?

Cytoskeleton Model Buiding ppt

Cell Parts Practice Test

Chapter 7: Membrane Structure & Function

Chapter 7: Cell Membrane Lecture 1 ppt

Chapter 7: Cell Membrane Lecture 2 ppt

Chapter 7: Campbell ppt

Fluid Mosaic Model in a Tub ppt

In Da Club- Membranes and Tranport: A Crash Course

Diffusion Demo ppt

Types of Membrane Transport in Motion - A Demo ppt

Diffusion & Osmosis Lab - Class set

Diffusion & Osmosis Lab - student response

Water Potential and the Main Ideas Handout

Water Potential Practice Problems Worksheet

Water Potential Concepts ppt

Notes on Water Potential and Plants

Biology Place and BioLab Review Website - Way cool!

Virtual Elodea Lab ppt