Unit 5: Genetics

Chapter 14:

Chapter 14 lecture 1 ppt

Chapter 14 lecture 2 ppt

Chapter 14 Lecture ppt Campbell

Myths in Human Genetics - Fun Facts

Gym Socks Genetics Activity ppt

Gym Sock Genetics Activity - student response sheet

Genetics Problems Set #1

Genetics Problems Set #2

Intro. to Dyhibrid Crosses

Genes and Selection Pressures Activity

AP Bio. Free Response Question

Genetic Disorders Summary Chart

Blood Type Punnett Square Practice

Who's Your Daddy Lab- Lecture ppt

Who's Your Daddy Lab

Who’s Your Daddy-data sheet

Variations in Gene Expression Activity

Chapter 15:

Chapter 15 Lecture 1 ppt

Chapter 15 Lecture 2 ppt

Chapter 15 ppt Campbell

Pedigree Analysis Lab

Intro. Pedigree Analysis Lecture

Pedigree Analysis Practice Problems

Pipe Cleaner Baby Lab

Gene Linkage and Mapping Activity

Karyotype Lab - An Internet Activity