Unit 7: Gene Regulation, Viruses and Biotechnology

Chapter 18: Regulation of Gene Expression

Chapter 18 Lecture 1a- Prokaryotes ppt.

Chapter 18 Lecture 1b- Prokaryotes and Pathogens ppt.

Chapter 18 lecture 2- Eukaryotes ppt.

Chapter 18 lecture 3- Eukaryotes ppt.

Chapter 18 Campbell ppt.

Prokaryotic Operon Model ppt.

Prokaryotic Operon Model Activity- response sheet

Epigenetics Activity

ON/OFF Switches Activity

Gene Regulation Crossword Puzzle Instructions


CANCER ROULETTE - Cancer Risk Announcements

CANCER ROULETTE - Student Score Card sheet

Chapter 19: Viruses

Chapter 19 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 19 Campbell ppt.

Viral Life Cycles Activity

Chapter 20: Biotechnology

Chapter 20 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 20 Lecture 2 ppt.

Chapter 20 Lecture 3 ppt.

Chapter 20 Lecture 4 ppt.

Chapter 20 Campbell ppt.

Biotech Research Flash Cards Activity ppt

Biotech Research Flash Cards Activity - response sheet

Paper Plasmid Lab