Unit 8: Evolution

Chapter 25: The History of the Earth

Chapter 25 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 25 Campbell ppt.

Biological Evolution Survey

World's Oldest Fossil Article aug 2016

Chapter 22: Descent with Modifications

Chapter 22 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 22 Lecture 2 ppt.

Chapter 22 Campbell ppt.

Intro. to Skull Structure Lab ppt.

Intro. To Vertebrate Evolution and Adaptations ppt

Skull Structure Lab

Chapter 23: Evolution of Populations

Chapter 23 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 23 Lecture 2 ppt.

Chapter 23 Lecture 3 ppt.

Chapter 23 Campbell ppt.

Hardy-Weinburg Equilibrium Lab

Hardy-Weinburg Equilibrium Lab Notes

Chapter 24: The Origin of Species

Chapter 24 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 24 Campbell ppt.

Speciation and the Maggot Fly Activity

Fossil Record Activity - student response

Fossil Record Activity - class set

Chapter 26: Phylogeny and the Tree of Life

Chapter 26 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 26 Lecture 2 ppt.

Chapter 26 Campbell ppt.

Making Cladograms Activity- Class Set

Making Cladograms Activity- student response sheet

Phylogenetic Comparison Of Oxygen-Binding Proteins Activity