Unit 9: Bacteria, Protists and Fungi

Chapter 27: Bacteria and Archea

Chapter 27 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 27 Lecture 2 ppt.

Chapter 27 Campbell ppt.

Nano Powered Grids Between Bacteria Article

Chapter 28: Protists

Chapter 28 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 28 Lecture 2 ppt.

Chapter 28 Campbell ppt.

Biodiversity of Pond Water Lab - A Scavenger Hunt

Pond Water Identification Key

Protist Concept Map

Ameoba Coloring ID

Paramecium Coloring ID

Euglena coloring ID

Chapter 31: Fungi

Chapter 31 Lecture 1 ppt.

Chapter 31 Campbell ppt.

Pathogenic Research Poster Presentation Requirements

Pathogenic Research Poster Grading Instructions

Pathogenic Research Poster Grading Rubric