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A Coastal Chaparral Study and the BIKE PATH

Fall 1 images

Fall 2 images

Spring 1 images

Spring 2 images

Animal images

Bike Path Fire 2014

Coastal Chaparral Plant List

Fall Chaparral Lab Report

Fall Field Observation Questions

Early Spring Chaparral Lab Report- 2 days

Early Spring Field Observation Questions- 2 days

Late Spring Chaparral Lab Report- 3 days

Late Spring Field Observation Questions- 3days

Chapter 1: The Web of Life

Homework 1 Assignment sheet

Lecture 1 Word Version

Lecture 1.1ppt

Lecture 1.2ppt

Lecture 1.3ppt

Lecture 1.4ppt

Lecture 1.5ppt

Lecture 1.6ppt

Lecture 1.7ppt

Cricket Observation Lab

Organizing Trophic Levels Activity

10 Percent Rule Mini-Lab

Food Chain Activity

Hypothesis and Variables Practice Sheet

Pill Bug Pre-Lab

Pill Bug Lab Report

Pill Bug Anatomy image

Chapter 2: Population Biology

Homework 2 Assignment sheet

Lecture 2 Word Version

Lecture 2.1ppt

Lecture 2.2ppt

Lecture 2.3ppt

Lecture 2.4ppt

Lecture 2.5 - 2.7ppt

Lecture 2.8 - 2.9ppt

Lecture 2.10 - 2.12ppt

Owl Pellet Analysis Lab - A Dissection - Class Set

Owl Pellet Analysis Lab - A Dissection - student response sheet

Apple Earth Activity

Human Population Lab

Human Population Lab Movie (Part A)

Chapter 4: Matter and Energy in the Web of Life

Homework 4 Assignment sheet

Lecture 4 word version

Lecture 4.3-4.4ppt

Lecture 4.5ppt

Lecture 4.6ppt

Lecture 4.7ppt

Lecture 4.8ppt

Lecture 4.9ppt

Lecture 4.10ppt

Lecture 4.11ppt

Lecture 4.12ppt

Chemical rxn Lab

Water Polarity Lab

How Much Energy In A Peanut - Demo

Intro. to Chromatography Lab Notes ppt

Chromatography Lab

Intro. to Food Lab Notes ppt

Food Lab- Organic Molecules - class set

Food Lab- Organic Molecules - student report

Organic Molecule Review Table

Enzyme Lab

Chapter 5: The Cell

Homework 5 Assignment Sheet

Lecture 5 Word Version

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Lecture 5.2ppt

Lecture 5.3ppt

Lecture 5.4ppt

Lecture 5.5ppt

Lecture 5.6ppt

Lecture 5.7ppt

Lecture 5.9ppt

Lecture 5.10ppt

Lecture 5.11ppt

Cell Magnification and Size ppt

Intro. to Microscopy: Magnification and Size ppt

Microscopy: Magnification and Size - response sheet

Typical Plant and Animal Cell Diagram

Cell Analogy Lab

Microscope Review Sheet

Microscope Review Lecture: How to Use it? ppt.

Intro. to Cell Types Lab - micrographs ppt.

Cell Types Lab - Class Set

Cell Types Lab Data - response sheet

Mitosis and Meiosis on the Table Models

Chapter 6: Continuity Through Reproduction

Homework 6 Assignment Sheet

Lecture 6 Word Version

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Lecture 6.2ppt

Lecture 6.3ppt

Lecture 6.4ppt

Lecture 6.5ppt

Lecture 6.6ppt

Lecture 6.7-6.8ppt

Homologous Chromosomes Activity

Human Reproductive Anatomy Review Diagram

Menstrual Cycle and Hormones Play

Menstrual Cycle Chart

STD Organization Chart

STD Case Studies

Disease Transmission Lab



Chapter 7: Continuity Through Development

Lecture 7 word version

Homework 7 Assignment sheet

Chapter 8: Heredity and Genetic Variability

Homework 8 Assignment sheet

Lecture 8 Word Version

Lecture 8.1ppt

Lecture 8.2ppt

Lecture 8.3ppt

Lecture 8.4ppt

Lecture 8.5ppt

Lecture 8.6ppt

Lecture 8.7ppt

Lecture 8.8ppt

Lecture 8.9ppt

Lecture 8.10ppt

Lecture 8.11ppt

Lecture 8.12ppt

Fingerprint Lab

Gym Socks lab

Pedigree Lab

Phenotype study

Mendel's Pea Dissection Lab

Mendel's Pea Dissection Lab-Answer Sheet

Probability Lab

Protein Synth. activity 1&2

Making a Shmoo Activity Sheet

Making a Shmoo Chart 1 and 2

Punnett SQ. Pract.1&2

Blood Type Punnett Square Practice

Who's Your Daddy Lab- Lecture

Who's Your Daddy Lab

Who’s Your Daddy-data sheet

Bikini Bottom Genetics 1

Bikini Bottom Genetics 2

Karyotype Lab Information Sheet

Karyotype Lab Data Sheet

Karyotype Lab- Patient A

Karyotype Lab- Patient B

Karyotype Lab- Patient C

Karyotype Lab- Patient D

Karyotype Lab- Patient E

Karyotype Lab - Patient F

Genes Are on Chromosomes Activity

DNA Replication Activity

DNA Replication Activity - Prelab Notes

How DNA Controls the Cell Activity

Create a Person Self-Assessment Survey

Create a Person Self-Assessment Data Sheet

Create a Person Kid-Assessment Survey

Create a Person Kid-Assessment Data Sheet

Chapter 9: Evolution, Patterns and Diversity

Homework 9 Assignment sheet

Lecture 9 Word Version

Lecture 9.1ppt

Lecture 9.2ppt

Lecture 9.3ppt

Lecture 9.4ppt

Lecture 9.5ppt

Lecture 9.6ppt

Lecture 9.7ppt

Lecture 9.8ppt

Bio. Evolution Lectureppt

Bio. Evolution Survey

Human Evolution Lecture

Natural Selection Lab

Main Features of Natural Selection-Natural Selection Lab

Peppered Moth Lab

Animal Structure Lab

Animal Structure Lab Notes

Primate and Human Evolution Lab - A Skull Comparison

Homind Skull Comparison Chart

Human Evolution Time Line Chart

Primate and Human Evolution Lab Notes

Pretend Evolution Lab